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A Business Lunch

If, while on a business trip abroad, you are invited by your

contact to a business lunch, or are taken out in the

evening for dinner, there are two areas which require

attention : firstly, you need to polish your Social English

to know what (and what not) to talk about – there

are clips on this subject on my YouTube channel (link below) –

but you must also be familiar with the items on the menu.

In this Top Tip I give you some basic information.

Click to see the clip:


You are invited to see more clips like this one

on my YouTube channel (click here)

You are also most welcome to tell me about your experiences,

or suggestions for subjects you would like me to

explain here, and I will be happy to do so!


לאבחון וייעוץ חינם, לחצו כאן!

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