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Hanging with my wife

A manager composing his business and personal profile

in a training session with me wrote that in his free time he

enjoyed "hanging with his wife."  As you can see from the

picture above, that is clearly not what he meant.

In fact, he was missing one word "hanging out" with his

wife (i.e. spending time together). Verbs that require two

words are called "Phrasal Verbs", and we are going to

look at some examples using the base verb "hang".

"Hang around" = to stay in one place.

Hang on" = to wait for while.

"Hang up" = to end a phone call.

"Hang back" = to remain behind or to hesitate.

"Hang onto" = to keep something.

And sometimes there can be more than one additional word :

"Hang on in there" = to stay with the task in hand.

So, next time you invite friends over, make sure you

complete the verb by asking if they would like to 

"hang out" with you, because I'm pretty sure they don't 

want to "hang" with you…


לאבחון וייעוץ חינם, לחצו כאן!

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